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About Sherrie Tallman


My Background


Since receiving my first camera at the age of 14, I have avidly pursued my love of photography.  I started with film photography, but enthusiastically made the change to digital photography a number of years ago.


Photography and Nature



Landscape photography is my passion.  Photography gets me out into nature, which never fails to reenergize me.  I combined my love of photography and nature to bring you the artwork you see here today. 

To me nature is very important. It should be important to everyone.  Nature is the planet’s health barometer.  Our planet is changing and we need to take better care of it!  Photographs are my way of showing what is out there that needs to be protected.


Places I Love


I travel whenever possible, primarily photographing the Western United States.  Mt. Rainier National Park, Olympic National Park and Artist Point in the North Cascades of Washington state are some of my favorite locations.  Let my favorites become yours by bringing my photos into your home!